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Community Groups

Redeemer is organized into small Community Groups consisting of 3 to 8 families. These groups are generally connected to a specific geography or neighborhood, and are centered around rhythms of prayer, fellowship, and hospitality. Community Groups are the most important ministry "program" at Redeemer and act as the primary context for discipleship, care, and mission.

While the members of these groups are tightly knit to each other, the "borders" are always open and new members are always welcome. We always aim for 100% of our members to be connected to a Communtiy Group.

Redeemer Community Groups will launch for the first time in early 2020. Groups will be in the following areas.

  • Mint Hill
  • Matthews (2)
  • Weddington
  • Marvin
  • Waxhaw


  • How do I join a group? The quickest and best way to join a group is by meeting someone who is already in a group and being invited by them. We realize that's not always possible or realistic, so the second way is to be paired with the group that would be the best fit. To get in touch with us to have an initial conversation about finding the right group, email
  • When do groups meet? Each of our groups manage their own meeting schedule. While each group has a generally consistent weekly meeting, time and place may change on a regular basis. While this makes groups slightly less accessible on the front end, it provides the best possible way for groups to create life-giving rhythms that work for their members.
  • What about my kids? Redeemer's Community Groups consist of families (not just adults!) where kids are considered important members of the group. CG gatherings which are focused on fellowship and hospitality will usually be structured to include entire families. Twice a month, groups create space for adult conversation by providing childcare. Each group work this out based on the needs of their specific group.
  • What happens during a CG gathering? CG gatherings typically fall into one of three categories: prayer, fellowship, or hospitality. Prayer gatherings happen twice a month and consist of studying scripture, sharing, and prayer. Fellowship gatherings consist mainly of having food and fun together. Hospitality oriented gathering can be anything that provides an opportunity for service or being present with neighbors and the wider community.