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We desire to see lives shaped by God's redemptive story.



We seek to be a gospel-centered community of ordinary people who participate in God's redemptive mission in the everyday stuff of life.


We are organized around the core values of Gospel, Community, and Mission. These are relational values, shaping how we relate to God (gospel), each other (community), and the world (mission). 

Gospel - We rehearse God's story

The gospel is the story of how God, in Jesus Christ, is redeeming all things. This story can be summarized in the four acts of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. The life of our church is structured around rehearsing this story so that it shapes how we live in the world.

Community - We embody God's love

The gospel leads us to be deeply committed to each other and pursue rhythms of shared common life. We are organized in small Community Groups of 3-8 families where we practice and embody the love of God together.

Mission - We participate in God's renewal

We desire to extend the life we have received from God to others. We participate in this mission through rhythms of hospitality, pursuing excellence in our vocations, and planting churches.


Philosophy of Ministry

We embrace a simple approach to ministry, rooted in the scriptures and the historic faith and practice of the Christian church. Our philosophy of ministry can be described by the following words:

Liturgical - A focus on rhythms

Liturgy means "the work of the people." Our primary work as a church is the worship of God. For this reason, our approach to ministry is organized not around programs but around rhythms of worship in both gathered and scattered contexts. We seek to build sustainable communal rhythms which lead us towards incremental change and true spiritual formation.

Sacramental - A focus on mystery

A "sacrament" is a unique event where God meets us in the physical world. We resist the modern urge to know everything in order to predict everything in order to control everything. Instead, we embrace the mystery of faith and the sacredness of all that God has made, both things seen and unseen.

Incarnational - A focus on presence

The incarnation of Jesus as a human being is the model for this emphasis. We resist the urge for bigger and better and instead focus on those with whom we can be physically present. This approach has been described as "faithful presence." We do not retreat from the world, but neither do we seek to conquer it. Instead, we engage faithfully in our places and vocations, humbly allowing God to use our efforts as he sees fit.